Who are the Media Mamas?

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We are moms who have come together based on our shared interest in using technology as a tool for self-expression, communication, and advocacy. As parents, we have found it enriching to document our experience with projects like photobooks, video stories, and audio portraits, etc. Finding the time and motivation alone can be difficult, which is why we’ve created Media Mamas.

Christine Dunbar is a mom, writer, and special education teacher. She works with preschool and elementary aged children and enjoys applying video and still photography to all of her different jobs. She helps students access technology to enhance their communication and learning opportunities. She has held formal and informal training for her teaching colleagues in video editing, powerpoint and keynote presentations, website design and other media. She has extended family on both coasts and the midwest, and makes good use of the internet to keep them connected with her four-year old daughter’s adventures. Her blog features family highlights, but is also her chance to escape from topics relating to kids!

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Natasha Freidus is excited to bring together her experience in media education with her lack of experience in motherhood. Natasha has conducted workshops in multimedia storytelling for diverse groups throughout the country and abroad. She is the founder and director of Creative Narrations, a consulting and training organization for social change storytelling, and is looking forward to expanding her focus to new parents. She has spent far too much time updating her baby Juno’s blog instead of catching up on sleep since the fall of 2007. For more information on Natasha’s work, visit www.creativenarrations.net.

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Rachel Garber has recently landed in Seattle after many years living and working as an education consultant in the Boston area. Since moving to Seattle, Rachel has been actively exploring the city with her two-year old Noah (and loving it!) and leading new parent groups for PEPS. In Boston, Rachel worked with a variety of organizations (MIT Media Lab, Computer Clubhouse Network, Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government) focusing on education and technology access for young people. Rachel is thrilled to have the opportunity to share her love of photography and bookmaking with other Mamas and Papas. With a Brazilian husband (and a bi-lingual toddler) she is interested in media-rich ways to connect families.

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Sarah McCormic is a Seattle-based editor and freelance writer. Her writing has appeared in Seattle Weekly, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Real Change News, and in many online publications. Her essays have been published in three anthologies, BITCHfest: Ten Years of Cultural Criticism from the Pages of Bitch Magazine (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, August 2006), Homelands: Women’s Journeys Across Race, Place, and Time (Seal Press, January 2007), and Greece: A Love Story - Women Write about the Greek Experience (Seal Press, March 2007). She has not had a decent night’s sleep since her son was born in January, but believes that sleep-deprivation can spur the creative process.

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